We are in need of volunteers to Foster Animals! Please go to the Foster Application Page and summit the form to us if you are interested in Fostering.

Liberty Paws is growing faster than we imagined! We are now looking for Volunteers in the following fields. We can NOT pay you, this is a strictly Volunteer only.

State Volunteer Coordinator – A person from each state will be selected to over see the other volunteers in their state. This includes reference checks, home visits (when possible), and any transport coordinating within the state. All states except KY is needed at this time.

Vet and Vet Tech’s – Rachael will be coordinating all the animal medical aspects of this site. Should anyone need advice on their animal, you would provide them with medical suggestions. PLEASE ONLY LICENSED VETERINARY PERSON’S RESPOND TO THIS AD!

Transporting – This is a system of transporting animals to their future homes. Should a family in Seattle see an animal in New England they just love and want more than anything, then we will try our best to find an affordable way of getting the animal to the member via transporting. You will not be asked to drive the whole way. We hope to eventually have enough volunteers for this that transport’s could meet each other along the way for different legs of the trip. For example, I may be going home to Omaha for Christmas, so I would agree to transport an animal, up for adoption currently, in Omaha to Kentucky, where someone else might be visiting their family and agree to take the next leg of the trip to it’s future home.